Our unique formula focuses on storytelling, community, and commerce. We believe in the power of social media marketing, and aim to develop a mutually beneficial relationship between you and the consumer. We provide expert level strategies and campaigns that transform your brand's social media into a valuable sales and marketing tool.


We provide creative direction and execute content on a monthly basis. Our creative content engages your target market, while meeting the sales and marketing needs of your business. Our capabilities include photography, video, graphic design, and illustration.


We identify which social media platforms are right for your business and execute unique content and strategy per platform. We actively engage your current audience while outreaching to new segments. We maximize paid marketing opportunities on key platforms, providing strategy and suggested spend. We provide basic customer service by responding to online inquiries. 


We execute influencer campaigns to maximize your social media exposure. We identify and engage a community of influencers and ambassadors that are unique to you.  Our influencer campaigns are powered by authentic messaging and content. We build organic ambassador programs as well as paid influencer campaigns. 


We provide weekly and monthly reports that track our social media initiatives and their performance. Our key performance indicators focus on follower growth, engagement, user generated content, and sentiment.  We have a unique focus on content performance and continuously evolve our strategy based on observations.


From framework to execution, we provide strategy, content, and calendars for social media campaigns. We utilize our brand partners and influencer network to amplify product launches and promotions. Our campaigns focus on key brand messaging while incorporating an on-trend creative approach.